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Expensive Michigan Lottery tickets sell-out quickly

May 10, 2007, 3:27 pm

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Michigan Lottery

Pundits who doubted the public's desire for $50 lottery tickets are silenced

Tickets to the Michigan Lottery's most expensive game sold out Wednesday after less than three days on sale.

The lottery's Super Raffle game includes 250,000 tickets sold at $50 each.

Tickets went on sale Monday. Winning tickets are scheduled to be drawn June 18.

Michigan Lottery commissioner Gary Peters said the public was responding to the game's relatively good odds, compared to other lottery games.

The ticket is pricier than other Michigan Lottery games, and the top prize is $2 million. Two ticket holders will win the top prize. Odds of winning are one in 125,000.

Twenty-five ticket holders will get $100,000 each, and 4,500 ticket holders will win $500 each.

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