Michigan Lottery to debut $50 'Super Raffle' tickets

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I don't think the raffle sounds good at all.  In the state of Mass., their July raffle has a top prize of $20 mil, with a ticket cost of $20.  A much better deal.

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It will be interesting to see if the market is there.  I am sure they will sell them but I wonder how long it will take.  But the odds are better, I mean 1 in 50.  I can't believe they are actually paying more than 50% out.  That was a shocker to me.

In Mass though the odds of winning are ridiculous.  I believe they are like 1 in 7000 or something like that.  I could go for the better odds on raffles then bigger prizes.


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I correct that....the odds of winning any prize in the Mass game are 1 in 70000+.


Delaware's was a much better deal.

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$50 is pushing it!!!  I'm going to watch this evolve.  It's going to be no doubt entertaining.

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i have to admit if i lived in michigan i would buy some tickets but we will see if the people in michigan agree with me. i think their last raffle sold out in a week but the tickets were not $50 that time.

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I really wonder if they'll sell all of them.

Wisconsin has their raffle going at $10/ticket with 500,000 available. The deadline is 9PM tonight and the have only sold about 65% of their tickets.  They will still make money of course. ANd those that buy a ticket will have even better odds due to about (estimating) 20% of their tickets not being sold.

But if they can't sell 500,000 at 10 bucks each, at least here, they wouldn't be able to sell half that many at five times as much.

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TN's raffle isn't doing all that great either.  Out of 800,000 tickets only 500,000 have been sold and the drawing is May 14.  Bet they don't try that again.

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The prize tier in TN is bad..

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These tickets will certainly sell out in less than a week. Every time I go to the store I run into someone who says 50 bucks is no object to them. Most are ticked off that they waited too long, and missed out on getting one of the 20 dollar tickets in the last raffle. They say on the State website, that they are only doing this 50 dollar thing once this year, LOL! we will see about that! I have a hunch, the price of these raffles is still to be determined.

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GEEZ 50 bucks!!!!!!! when does the $100 one start??? the greed of the MSL is appalling at times!! But one thing about Michigan...we can't sell houses,but we can sell the heck out of raffle tickets!!!!!!!!!


$20 is my limit for any one ticket. Beyond that I feel too bad if I lose. If I could find two other people I trust I would split the cost. Wonder if George and Hillary would like to go in with me.Wink

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If any of you from MI are planning on buy one I wish you the best of Luck!

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Well I supose if I were at that place in Jackson that sold the top prize $650,000 winners for two raffle draws in a row I would buy a ticket.  I am going to be realllllllllllyyyyyyyyy suspicious if they sell a $1,300,000 winning ticket.  I'm not going to buy any more tickets if Jackson winds up with all the prizes anyway...what is the point?

*IF* I buy a ticket I wont be playing the Fantasy 5 for a long time.

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