Clerk wins $200,000 lottery prize by accident

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Anyway of transferring the comments from:


I will usually buy any "extra" PB or MM tickets. One thing I noticed is that it was "rang up twice", meaning if it was QP the #s should have been different. I am guessing that they were the same #s from a betslip that they put in twice. One time it happened to me on a Cash 5 and I kept both and they had 3 of 5 match. In MO they ran tickets ahead for a big PB drawing but in that case they sold the jackpot shortly before closing. Had they not sold it they'd have a similar story but with a jackpot. In this case what would have happened had that ticket won the JACKPOT? I'd be mad if the store clerk STOLE my numbers and claimed HALF my prize! But with 5 of 6 they both get the full prize so no problem. This time.

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I just saw this story on MSN and was going to post it.  Interesting...I wanna be a store clerk now!  haha



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I Agree!  As I've said many times, I've kept the same numbers for years, so when this happened to me last year, I requested that the ticket be canceled (which can be done immediately in FL for most games) but when the clerk protested, I paid the extra dollar.  I gave her 4 cards and she ran 3 of them, one twice.  So I ended up spending $5 instead of $4.  It just wasn't worth getting the manager and making a fuss.  Anyway, if she had simply kept the ticket and, after all these years and thousands of dollars in bets, I finally hit a jackpot, I'd be pretty upset too if a clerk won with my bet slip.  I think there would be a way to challenge that in court. I realize none of us "own" numbers and that the ticket is a bearer's instrument, but if 2 tickets with the same combination are run in sequence, I think the winner might have a legal stand, especially if the transaction is on video.

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typo:  "legal stance" not stand.  not that anybody noticed or cares.  LOL

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I also buy any mistakes. It would agrivate me to no end if a screwup from a clerk lets them have half the jackpot. I also don't do business with stores that keep screwing up.

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Wayburn was on Ellen this morning.  She's a sweet old lady who won the 200k on her birthday.  Ellen gave her a new vest to wear in the store with WINNER sewn on the back lol.

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If two were printed and no one bought the other ticket,  You would only received half since there were two winning tickets.  Even if the other was never turned in, it was a winner unclaimed.

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If the ticket was bought in TN, it could not be voided.  If left unsold it becomes property of the retailer. (They have to pay the 94 cents for the ticket.. period..)

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With powerball, I have customers who come in and fill out a play slip and not mark the powerplay.. Then after the ticket is ran, they decide they want the powerplay,  (vice versa), however , refuses to buy their mistakes.  The tickets are usually sold to other customers or bought by the clerks at the end of shift.  If any or left over, the boss gets the tickets the next day.

Sometimes they mark the 10 on the multiple draws instead of the void.. and it prints a ticket for ten draws.  They have a cow, and refuse the  ticket, but keeps the numbers on a single draw.  The owner ends up with their numbers for 10 weeks.

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for(taking your TIME too.....................telling your experience)!!!! explaining'g>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.tntea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I bought tickets the outter day>> the clerk said, LOL!!!!!! PSYKOMO$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I (BOUGHT) 5 MM ticket's cause I assumed they (D-custermore)? wanted .....Deeee MM ticket$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$>>>>>>>>>>o!o

BUTTTTTT and yes their is alwayssssssssssssssssssssss.......AH BUTT!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&>>>>>ANOTHER.................BUT,

BedNo Pity!the CLERK assumed they WANTED>>MEGA, but

THEY>>>WANTED>>>>>>>>>FAN-5 tickets, because, the$$$$$ JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

was HOT $ HUGE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>POOR CLERKS

let dem win once in a WHILE$$$$

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THANKs to ALL...WHO sell "US"

LOTTERY tickets

Party           Party           BananaBananaBanana

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In response to psykomo


Sad WaveyROFLLeavingPartyParty

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I think the store owner should get the money. 


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