Georgia truck driver gets a piece of lottery history

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In Mike Tyson's defense, he was a kid from the ghetto who grew up with very little in the way of creature comforts. Suddenly, people were throwing millions of dollars in his face and everybody and their uncle were either giving him crappy advice or just outright trying to rob him blind. 

Going from nothing to everything overnight while surrounded by financial jackals can't be an easy 

transition. Good luck, Ed!

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Jones also offers a stern word of advice: "Don't quit your day job."



Bob:  Anything you want me to do before I pickup my new Mercedes, Mr. Jones?  I was hoping to drive it to the closing when I sign the papers for my new home on the beach.

Mr. Jones:  Yes, Bob.  The urinals in the men's room need cleaning.  I know you've been here 9 hours, but I promised to take my wife out to dinner tonight and the Regional Manager will be stopping by tomorrow morning.  Just empty the trash and mop the floors before you lock up, okay?

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No kidding, well put.  

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I sat here and thought about that comment for a moment...  "don't quit your day job". 

Why else do people play the lottery?  Most do it so that they CAN quit their day job.  I know that's why I play.  LOL  I'd get fired anyway from taking so much leave.  I wouldn't have the motivation to go to my job knowing I didn't need their money to pay my bills.  It would feel like working for free.  Plus the thought of never having to have to commute into the city anymore would be enough to make me quit.  But that's just my take on it.

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I waited to buy my tickets behind people spending $50-100 dollars a pop. This just shows that you don't need to do that. If it's meant to be, it will be.


Actually I think you would almost HAVE to quit your day job because all of your co-workers would be bugging you to death about what you're going to do with all that money...and I'm sure some of them would have some advice for you on how to spend that money too! I think it would become a major distraction in the office so I'm with you guys on that particular line on not quitting your day job!


JW spent 115 dollars on PB when he won. What it is you have a LOT of casual players who play 5 or 10 dollars, such a vast number that it overwhelms the "serious" players so that the most likely winner is either some kind of pool group or someone who played 5 or 10 on a whim.

I went to the Leprechaun II in Rutherford hoping for a second strike, got 10 in QP and 1 using System, best outcome was one of the QP had the bonus ball. I normally don't play QPs.

I was hoping there would be a winner in nj. Of course it has to be over 100 miles away! Not likely anyone I know.

Also you have to keep some kind of normalcy in your life after a win. Changing your lifestyle too drastically can easliy cause depression. I'd suggest to open a small business that way you keep yourself busy and not be in the house all day punching up stock quotes.


a fool and his money will soon part.


if i win that amount that is alife time for my family and me

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In response to justxploring

I know lol!  I think not quitting your day job is probably some of the dumbest advice you could give a Jackpot winner.  The only time it makes sense to do so is if you like your job/career. 

If I won, I would not return to my job again.  I mean, yeah I make decent money now but damn, if I came into $84 million dollars, you can bet your keester quitting my job is the absolute first thing I would do. 

Could you imagine what would happen if you won that money, your name and picture is plastered all over the news and internet, and you went to work with everyone there knowing you have that kind of money?  Oh my goodness.  You'd get harrassed by probably 90% of the workforce (I work with thousands of people and personally know at least close to 500 of them) with requests for a handout. 

Everyone will come to you with a sobb story (and some will probably be true) about how they really need the money and could you give them some.  You'd even get harrassed by the customers.  You'd probably start to even feel guilty after a while for saying no to the same collegues that you have worked with for so long.  That is why I would not return to my place of work.

Now if you can claim your jackpot through a blind trust of some sort, then yeah, its okay to stay until you actually have the money in hand.

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I don't hold anything against the man for claiming his ticket so soon. If someone hires a financial adviser or lawyer because they won the lottery, then so be it, good for them, but you can't hold just the fact that they claim it so soon against them. For one, that ticket is just a slip of paper. I usually put my ticket in my wallet and would hate to find out that I forgot to take out my wallet before putting my pants through the washer. So many things can happen to a slip of paper. Number two, you probably aren't going to know these "experts" that you're hiring. They might want to take advantage of you since you're a millionaire. I can honestly say that I would feel comfortable claiming the jackpot myself without consulting anyone else.


Some people may not have the option to stay at their job.  I know a teacher would be forced to retire because the school system would not take to risk of letting you stay in the classroom.  A student's parents may claim you mistreated their child and hire a lawyer to help part you from your money.  It would be an unwelcome distraction.  The school system couldn't afford to keep you.

Orangeman                                      Type


I hope Mr. Nabors can spend his money wisely and not have financial problems later in life.

In response to Just6ntlc

" Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things " ... Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne in TheShawshank Redemption.. One of the best movies I have ever seen...


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