Police grab millionaire teenager suspected in lottery scam

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Good for them!!  I hope they also have a law that permits them to seize all of their assets, too.


I have a large foreign coin (non-Canadian/non-Mexican) collection. Among my coins is a J$20. I don't know the exchange rate, but I'm sure the Jamaican dollar is worth much less than the US dollar, and probably also the Mexican peso (US$1=Mex$11).

Also I believe lottery wins are taxable in Jamaica.

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In response to CASH Only

You'd make a good partner for Trivial Pursuit.

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In response to Todd

... but only if you could play the whole game in one sitting and not allocated over twenty years. :-)

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Yes NodLOL

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I am just amazed at the idiots that would send a $5000 processing fee in the first place..

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