Secrets of lottery millionaires

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thanks for posting...interesting read.

Looks like cars are the big status buy for most winners.

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"We call ourselves Tom and Barbara from The Good Life!"

I love that show! Congrats to all the winners, it certainly sounds like they are having fun.

Here's to hoping that we at Lotterypost may one day get to tell our own winning stories! Sad Cheers

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A nice nice read. Thank you Sir Todd for posting this.

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Great story! Seems all are living happily ever after. Congrats to all the winners!



Nice reading spendings!! THank you!

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Good article.  Last year I was interviewing for a job at an Aston Martin dealership. While I was in the showroom, I looked at the sticker price on the DB9 and gasped.  People tell me I'd change if I won millions, but I doubt if I'd ever buy a car that expensive. 

In response to justxploring

I agree about the car ... I tend to be frugal with or without money...

Expensive cars can get you in trouble in a lot of ways. 

Ironically, I just saw a repeat of the Lottery winners show on TLC last night and good ol David Edwards was front and center with his stable of expensive cars and toys..

And where is he now ?



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yes it was some nice reading this time of the year....................keep up the great work Todd

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