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Some people think $20 is too much for lottery ticket

Dec 4, 2006, 10:41 am

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New Jersey Lottery

Raffle-style lottery games are the hot ticket this holiday season 

The New Jersey Lottery is giving four players a chance to celebrate New Year's Eve with a million dollar prize, although it is coming with a larger than usual price tag.

Recently, the lottery introduced a new game "Million Dollar New Year" that offers players the best-ever odds at winning a million dollars, along with several other smaller prizes.

But it comes with a small catch — the tickets cost $20 each.

The game has been met with some optimism among local lottery players, although there are concerns over the cost to play.

"It sounds like fun, but $20 is a lot for the lottery," New Brunswick resident Wanda Davis said at the Hess Express on Route 18 in East Brunswick last week.

Davis spends $5 a day playing the lottery but hasn't decided if the new game will be added to her routine.

"I like to spread my money out, but, who knows, I might save up and play this one," Davis said.

Tickets went on sale Nov. 20, but some local retailers will begin selling them this week.

"This type of game has been played in other states with wonderful results," said Dominick DeMarco, public relations officer for the New Jersey Lottery.

"While the tickets are more expensive, the chances of winning and having a very happy New Year have never been better," DeMarco said.

The lottery will sell 500,000 of these tickets between now and the New Year.

Each ticket has a six-digit bar code that is randomly selected.

The lottery will hold a drawing New Year's Eve when the $1 million-prize winner will be selected.

There will be 500 other prizes ranging from $500 to $100,000.

DeMarco said the new game offers good odds.

"For instance in our Pick-6 game the chances of winning the main prize are one in 13.9 million," DeMarco said, "but in this game the chances of winning a million dollars are one in 125,000."

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