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Wife Orders Hit on Russian Lottery Winner

Nov 3, 2006, 8:54 am

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An angry Russian woman from the small town in the Caucasus hired a criminal to kill her ex-husband who had won a million rubles in a lottery, the website reported Friday.

48-year-old retired military officer Alexei Rykov had bought just one lottery ticket as a present for his own birthday and the ticket proved to be lucky — the man won one million rubles (about $37,000). He used the money to buy an apartment (until then the family was renting) and a car.

After a while his wife Irina Rykova started to suspect the winner of hiding some of the money from her. The woman and her mother made Alexei's life so miserable that he decided to divorce. The divorce didn`t stop the woman, however, and she kept claiming the money.

The ex-wife even hired a man to extort money from Alexei, instructing the thug to kill him in case of refusal. Alexei turned to the police and the racketeer was detained while receiving marked money.

At the trial, the detained man denied any connections with former Mrs. Rykov and she acted at the trial only as a witness. Alexei Rykov said he did not want his ex-wife to be jailed. "Whatever she has done, she remains the mother of my children," he said.


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