Internet gambling bill seen delayed in Senate

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Some supporters of the bill need to be careful during their election years...that might spell doom overall for them. They will concentrate more on defensse issues and gas concerns to help win their constituents over. This bill is slowly fading IMHO.


I'm not a big gambler, other than lotto I do nothing else but I believe in choice and freedom. Let people bet online if they choose, what's the issue here. It should not be that the government has a say.

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That's what I say whether it be that, drinking, whatever. If the government wants to shut off credit card funding, etc., okay, I get that, there are other ways to fund these accounts. But to ban a form of entertainment? It's definitely infringing on our basic freedoms of choice.

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When is congress going to learn.  They don't have the power to do stuff like this and a lot of the American people believe that they do.  The congress is bound by the constitution and they can't start making stuff up to start running peoples lives.  If this gets passed I firmly believe that when it comes up to the courts they would agree with my position that it would be unconstitutional.  If this gets passed out government is seriously going in the wrong direction. 


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