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Powerball lottery jackpot climbs to $152 million

Mar 30, 2006, 4:29 pm

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The Powerball lottery jackpot continues to grow and grow.

Even though the grand prize was not hit Wednesday evening, 740,025 players across the nation won a total of more than $6 million in prizes in "America's Game".

One lucky player in Arizona won $400,000 playing the Powerball add-on feature, Power Play. The normal prize for matching 5 white numbers of $200,000 was multiplied 2 times due to the Power Play option.

Because no one correctly matched all six numbers the jackpot will grow to an estimated $152 million for Saturday night's drawing.

The cash option for the Saturday, April 1st drawing will be an estimated $71.8 million.

The numbers drawn Wednesday were 2, 14, 24, 28, 54 and the Powerball was 13. The Power Play multiplier was 2.

Six lucky players in the states of Kentucky (1), Louisiana (1), Pennsylvania (1), South Carolina (2), and Tennessee (1), correctly matched the 5 white numbers and won $200,000. One player in Arizona not only won at that prize level but also purchased the Power Play and had the $200,000 multiplied by 2 for a total win of $400,000.

Thirty-eight players matched 4 white numbers plus the Powerball and won $10,000. 7 additional winners of that prize category also wisely purchased the Power Play option that multiplied their win 2 times for a total of $20,000.

More than 138,000 winning Powerball players multiplied their prize by 2 Wednesday. They were able to do that by purchasing the Power Play option for one dollar. With Power Play you multiply any winnings from 2-5 times, except for the jackpot. At the beginning of each drawing a wheel is spun to select that night's multiplier.

Players should carefully check their tickets after every draw. Even if there are no jackpot winners there are always tens of thousands of winners at other prize levels.

Players purchased more than $30.3 million in tickets between Sunday and Wednesday night.

The lotteries sold approximately $2 billion in Powerball tickets in FY05. That translates into more than $600 million for worthwhile state projects.

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