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First proposed N.C. lottery ad beats to different drummer

Mar 15, 2006, 6:44 am

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North Carolina Lottery

The first television commercial for the North Carolina Education Lottery apparently will be looking literally to drum up support.

In a concept draft of the ad released by the lottery commission late Tuesday, a man sits in a chair in his home, starting to scratch off a lottery ticket with a coin.

Then a drum roll is heard, and the man gives an excited look to his wife before a marching band walks through their living room and plays a fight song. A narrator then talks about the new lottery, and the North Carolina lottery logo is shown at the end.

The so-called "teaser" ad, which still must be finalized and details added, would start airing March 27, three days before the scheduled sale of four types of instant tickets by thousands of retailers statewide.

The television ad and other media spots are being developed by Charlotte ad firm Wray Ward Laseter, which won the lottery's marketing and advertising contract.

The ad's concept reflects the restrictions the law places on marketing the lottery. The primary purpose of the ads can't be to induce people to play the games or depict the lottery as a way to resolve economic or personal problems.

Jennifer Appleby, Wray Ward's president, said at a commission meeting earlier Tuesday that the overall campaign at the lottery's launch will combine energy and excitement with a message about the education programs the lottery will benefit and how to play the games.

The firm's comprehensive campaign will conclude broadcast and cable television and radio spots across the state, Appleby said.

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