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Ardmore Powerball Lottery Ticket Worth $667,142

Feb 21, 2006, 9:32 am

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A ticket bought in Ardmore, Oklahoma is worth $667,142 from the record Powerball drawing, Oklahoma Lottery officials say.

It will be the largest payout since the Oklahoma Lottery started in October.

The Oklahoma ticket is one of 39 tickets nationally that are worth $200,000 each. However, because of the new Match 5 Bonus, each of the 39 tickets are worth an additional $467,142.

The Oklahoma Lottery offices were closed Sunday and Monday and the winner's name was not immediately released.

Lottery officials say the winner will get the money in one lump sum.

Seven other Oklahoma tickets are worth at least $10,000 and three of those winners will collect an additional $40,000 because they paid the extra dollar for the Powerball option.

Someone in Nebraska won the big pot -- a whopping $365 million. It was the nation's biggest jackpot ever and the winning ticket was sold at a convenience store in Lincoln.

Lottery ticket sales have doubled in Oklahoma since the state joined 28 other states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands in offering Powerball on Jan. 12

"It was a great time for us to get in," said Jim Scroggins, who heads the state lottery. "It's had a positive impact on it. We're performing really well."

Two others have won $200,000 each since Oklahoma became part of Powerball.

They are Lane Rogers, a truck driver from Alma, Ark., and Morris Foster, an anthropology professor at the University of Oklahoma.

Rogers was eating at a restaurant when he got the news. He was so excited he couldn't finish his food.

"I was blown away," Rogers said. "I've never won anything. I've bought two lottery tickets in my entire life and it was these two tickets."

Foster said he and his wife will use their winnings to pay off their mortgage, cover the cost of home renovations and fund eventual college expenses.

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