D.C. Lottery to change lottery lineup


The change in name of Hot Five makes sense since DC also has Hot Lotto. Idaho probably doesn't have Hot Lotto because that was the name of their former pick-5.


i play the dc games, hot lotto, hot five, quick cash and powerball.
but i haven't won anything yet. i do th same in maryland, bonus match 5,
classic lotto, mega millions and haven't won anything yet. i also do
virginia, cash five, lotto south and mega millions to no avail. i even have
some powerball tickets for pa. i just wonder how many more states
or how much longer do i have to play before i call tell my boss to take
this job and .....




Why do you play Powerball in PA when you're so close to DC?


cash only:

willie sutten, the great bank robber, was once asked why was it that
he managed to rob only banks and no other establishments. he replied,
that is where the money is. i, too, play the powerball in pa. because
there are more winning jackpot tickets sold in pa. than in d.c.
it might have to do with population size, number of players, etc.
don't take my word for it, it is all true, check it out yourself.



I can tell that the new Rolling Cash game will:

1. Have more than 33 numbers.

2. Will be rolling jackpot game (hence the name).

     But my question why DC would do an in-city rolling jackpot game? It'll probably only grow $500 at a time. Make you go Roll Eyes. If you ask me they should've worked with MUSL to break the region barrier and join Wild Card. Either that or just change Hot Five's name to, like, Lotto 5 maybe? Like Tennessee's name.
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DC has a pretty big population.  I think it would roll by more than that, and DC likes having big winners.


I like the trend of changing pick-5s to jackpot games. I wish NY would do the same with Take Five.

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