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D.C. Lottery to change lottery lineup

Aug 12, 2005, 1:00 pm

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Washington, D.C. Lottery

According to the D.C. Lottery Board, changes are coming to two of its games, in addition to the August Powerball changes.

The quick cash game that pays a $250,000 top prize will be eliminated and replaced by a new D.C. Daily Six that will have similar prizes and have two plays for $1.

Lottery board Executive Director Jeanette Michael said, "After 15 years of a game, its time to introduce something new."

Also, the city's Hot Five game with $25,000 payouts will be replaced in November with a similar game called "Rolling Cash."

In addition to the new D.C. lottery games, the multi-state Powerball game will change substantially at the end of August.

"Powerball is one of those games that's driven by the jackpot, and if we don't get large jackpots people don't necessarily want to play," said Michael. "I just find only in America is $10 million not enough money to take a chance."

So, starting Aug. 28, the Powerball prizes are getting pumped up to pay out bigger minimum prizes.

"We're going to start at $15 million. We used to start at $10 million. And the jackpot will increase at least $5 million after each draw. Also the second tier prize, which used to be $100,000 will now be $200,000."

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