Another scam victim regrets his mistakes


Haha I would ssay the Illinois lottery is a scam too!


The Illinois lottery may not be a scam, but if he played the Illinois Lottery, he would end up losing a lot more than $946...


all i can say that when something sounds to good to be true ,it is


Francis Bain

Nassau NP Bahamas

Quote:Originally posted by damienbain on March 24, 2005

all i can say that when something sounds to good to be true ,it is


Francis Bain

Nassau NP Bahamas

Send money to collect winnings? = very big red flag!! I feel sorry for those who were scammed since the warning signals were there and yet they still somehow failed to see them.

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Wait a minute, fols. This guy may be a senior citizen (and by definition I guess I am also) but his comments tend to show he's not a senile senior citizen.

So the first question one asks oneself when yuo get something like this is.....Did I enter any such lottery?

Nobody wins a lottery they never entered.  Case closed. He should have known then.

It's like the old saying....."They said I was gullible. And I believed them."


Mr. Gilbert, I always thought that when you win a lottery, they send you don't send them money.

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How many times does this have to happen before people wise up?

I wish these bastards would get caught and be tortured on public tv until they are dead.


scams like these are here to stay as long as a sucker is born every minute...


Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have given my debit card and social security # out when Banco de Panama sent me an email saying they needed to verify my account. 


...some people will never learn.  Gilbert is the reason why scams like this exist.


Goes to prove evolution theory is flawed.  Gilbert stayed alive on this planet long enough to reproduce and grow old.  Probably has kids running around somewhere buying cheap land in Florida and bridges between Manhattan and Brooklyn. .

We all get emails a dozen times a week telling us about lotteries we've won, but never bought tickets for.  Ever answered any of them?


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Why, Oh Why doesn't people think when they get the message about winning the lottery?

Valid questions to ask:

Did I buy tickets in that lottery?

Why do they want money from me to transfer money TO me? Why not just deduct money from the prize?

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