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S.C. Lottery marks 3rd anniversary

Jan 11, 2005, 9:51 am

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South Carolina Lottery

$2.4 billion in sales have generated $713 million for education

The South Carolina Education Lottery marked its third anniversary last week.

Since the lottery's creation, total ticket sales have exceeded $2.4 billion, and players have won more than $1.4 billion. State income tax collected on winnings over $500 totaled more than $18 million.

In addition, the lottery has transferred more than $713 million to the Education Lottery Account for appropriation by the state legislature.

"To put a face on our state's lottery, I think of over 300,000 lottery scholarships, millions of dollars to fund research at Clemson, USC and MUSC, $276 million for the public schools and millions more for our county libraries; this is the heart of what we do at SCEL," said lottery Executive Director Ernie Passailaigue.

K-12 programs have received more than $266.7 million in appropriations from lottery money. More than $534 million has gone to higher education and more than $8.2 million to public libraries.

Next month, the lottery plans to introduce a new five-digit game, Palmetto Cash 5, that allows players to win up to $500,000.

Lottery officials say they expect to transfer their one billionth dollar for education sometime during fiscal year 2006.

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