Oregon man claims record jackpot after finishing hunting trip

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that cash amount after taxes was quite small.....

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Oregon has a very high state tax. He still has to pay the remaining federal tax on the $9.8 million he is left with. Another 10% or so.

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Its still some walking around money that he has left


Could be that the Oregon Megabucks cash option is set at 50% of the annuity (artificially low) rather than according to interest rates.

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i would've left the deer in them woods and headed straight home from the store if i knew i  won,i wouldn't have stuck around hunting wild animals......


Good for him, why rush home when your out on vacation enjoying yourself. With Oregons high payback %'s you get also the highest taxes, just shows you they get you one way or the other.


does he not know about the high rate of accidental deaths through hunting?!?

jeez man..i would have hired a body gaurd and trotted my arse back to home and then lottery office.



And they say the rich don't pay there fair share of taxes. this is an example the rich do pay at least in Oregan.

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i dont hunt,but if i was on a trip and found out i won ,i'd make an excuse and leave and go cash the ticket in. i'd be afraid i would accidentally get shot,someone might mistake you for a deer. or another psycho would come and shoot at me,like the one we hear about in the news.


OR has an online game (somewhat like the new PA game everybody hates) with a "lifetime" top prize. However often the prize is paid (52k year? 13k every quarter?) the checks, after state and federal withholdings, probably aren't enough to retire on.


i think cox should have gotten more than a mere 99 thousand

dollars for taking the time to buy him the ticket and not shooting him in the back in the oregon woods and get the entire winnings herself. it is highly unlikely that anybody would have made a 'colombo' style connection between her winning of 30 million dollars and the accidental shooting to death of a hunter in the woods.

hit chaser...


Good thing it wasn't "Lose for Life".

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