What's new since your last visit?

There are a couple of simple ways you can quickly see what new messages have been posted since your last visit.

Forum Icons

The small pictures next to each forum indicate which forums contain new messages since your last visit.  You can find a description of what each icon represents at the bottom of the page, but the 2 key icons are:

 - There are new messages in the forum since your last visit

 - No new messages since your last visit

Active Topics

Another way to see all the lastest activity since your last visit is to click the "Active Topics" button near the top of most pages.

The Active Topics page displays each forum in which new messages were posted, along with the topics themselves, allowing you easy one-click access to new messages.  In addition, by changing the "Show Active Topics since" option near the top of the page, you can see new messages posted within the past:

  • 15 minutes,
  • 30 minutes,
  • 45 minutes,
  • 1 hour,
  • 2 hours,
  • day,
  • week, or,
  • month.
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