Microsoft utility that fixes Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) problems

At the time I am writing this article, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is the most common browser used by people visiting Lottery Post.  So it also tends to be the browser that people write to Lottery Post asking for help with.

Most problems encountered using IE8 are caused by conflicting or poorly-written add-ons and/or toolbars.  Some people install a multitude of add-ons and toolbars, and so when one of them causes a problem, it can be very hard to diagnose.

An example of a problem is if you were to go to a particular Lottery Post page, such as the Quick Picks page or the Positional Wheels page, and when you click the button to proceed to the next step, you get an error message.  The pages do in fact work fine, but you have some faulty add-ons in your IE8 browser that is causing the page to fail.

(You can verify the page is working fine by using a different browser — for example, Google Chrome — to view the same page.)

Fortunately Microsoft has a utility that could help you out with your IE8 problem.  The utility does a "hard reset" of IE8, getting rid of any add-ons and customizations made to the browser, and restores the browser to the state it was in when it was first installed.

The utility can be found here:

To use the utiltiy, click the link, and then on the page it takes you to, click the "Fix It" button in the middle of the page.  You'll then have to click "Run" a couple times, and then go through the "Fix It wizard".  You probably don't have to check the "Delete personal settings" box, although if you don't care about losing all that stuff, you can try it if you wish.

When it's finished click "Close", and then "Close" once again.  Then close IE8 and re-open it.  You'll see when you re-open IE8 that it asks you the types of questions as if you freshly installed it.

This utility is a great option for those who have "tried everything", and don't have any idea why IE8 is not working right.   It can actually be refreshing to get rid of useless and "junky" toolbars and add-ons that have accumulated over time, and it may help speed up your Web browsing experience as well.

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