Private Messages: Moving messages into folders

Platinum featurePlatinum members at Lottery Post have the ability to store vast numbers of private messages.  In order to organize those messages and make them easier to find, Platinum members can create up to 50 storage folders in the private message system.

(See a comparison of features available at each membership level:

Before you can move messages into private message folders, you first have to create the folders.  (See the following Help topic for instructions:

Once your folders are created, moving messages into folders is a simple task.  You can either move a single message, or you can move multiple messages at one time.  (Instructions for each method are provided below.)

Messages are most commonly moved from your Inbox into one of your private message folders, but you can also move messages from one folder to another.

Moving a single message

To move a single message into a private message folder, simply click the "move to folder" icon next to the message.  (See Illustration 1 below.)

After you click the "move to folder" icon, you will be prompted to select the folder to move the message into, and then the message will be instantly moved.

Move a single message

Illustration 1:  Click the "move to folder" icon to move one message to a private message folder.

Moving multiple messages

To move two or more messages at one time into a private message folder:

  1. Place a check mark next to each message you want to move by clicking once in the check box next to each message.  (Demonstrated by the green arrows in Illustration 2.)
  2. Hover your mouse pointer over the Message Actions link to display the popup menu.  (Demonstrated by the red arrow in Illustration 2.)
  3. Click the Move to Folder command in the popup menu.  (Demonstrated by the yellow arrow in Illustration 2.)

After you click the Move to Folder command, you will be prompted to select the folder to move all the selected messages into, and then the messages will be instantly moved.

Move multiple messages

Illustration 2:  Move multiple messages at one time to a private message folder.

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