Getting Error Popup Window

This help topic deals with error popup windows on the Lottery Post web site.

There are many types of error popups, some generated by Lottery Post, and some generated by your web browser.  We will show you common error windows generated by Lottery Post, but because of the number of possible browser and operating system combinations, it would be difficult to show all the possible browser-generated popups.  See your browser documentation (or Google) for those.


Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorExeption This error message can occur on certain pages that makes calls back to the Lottery Post server for more information.  For example, on the Member List page, if you type the name (or partial name) and click the Search button, the page calls back to the Lottery Post server to get the list of matching names.

The error is caused by restrictive Firewall software installed on your computer.   The Firewall is stripping out part of the request for information that is being sent to the server, causing a disruption in the page that results in this error window.

To fix the problem, you need to go into your Firewall software's configuration panel and find the settings for "removing private header information" or "strip headers", or something like that.

Some Firewall software has the ability to configure custom settings for individual web sites.  If your Firewall has that ability, then create a custom setting for and disable any header removal/stripping for the site.

If your software cannot configure settings for an individual site, you will need to disable header removal/stripping for all sites.

If you wish to verify that the Firewall is the cause before making the change, simply disable your Firewall, restart the web browser, and try the page/function again.  If it works, you know the Firewall is the cause.


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